Tour de Pittsburgh

The Two are on the Tour

First, all of the photos on every web page can be enlarged:

A similar journal to this one can be found here:

It was created by Jim (my touring partner) to give it wider exposure. This website is told from my perspectve and Jim's is similar but also provides his prespective.

Below is Jim's and Tom's day-to-day progress.

Jim and Tom hopped on their bikes on September 10th and rode from Minneapolis to Pittsburgh. This tour is called the "Tour de Pittsburgh" and it appears it will stay that way. We didn't drink lots of beer so it wasn't the "Coor Tour", and things went great so it's not the "Sewer Tour", and thankfully it did not become the "Poor Tour" because we didn't lose all of our money at casinos along the way.

How can I help?

Several have asked if there's anything they can do to help while we are on tour. I answered "YES" do not let the stock market crash while we are riding back roads in the middle of nowheresville, USA and totally oblivious to all of the world's problems. Thank you for making sure that did not happen.

Planned Routes for the Newer Tour

Average: 71 miles per day
Total: About 1000 miles

No time left for us to change our minds - we're all in.

Below is a picture of stuff I brought with me.


I have tried to be as minimal as I can. What things will I wish I had remembered to bring? The inventory is:

Below is a picture of stuff that Jim brought with him.


Jim's inventory is: