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I am retired now but my most recent work involved a parallel programming language called Chapel. It has nothing to do with religion, but people love to make jokes about going to the Chapel.
Here is a blog article by Jonathan Dursi ( HPC is dying, and MPI is killing it that is interesting and provides a perspective I share - and it mentions Chapel (I am biased though).
Also, recently another Jonathan Dursi blog article appeared that is of interest to the likes of me: Julia vs. Chapel in that it discusses the pros and cons of both Chapel and Julia (a Chapel competitor).

I was interviewed about Chapel just before I retired: online interview

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Here are the maps from Jim and Tom's 16th bike tour.

Here are the planned maps for Jim and Tom's 17th bike tour to Green Bay.

Some bike tours with my friend Jim
TMacD and Jim's Climbing Hills, Popping Pills, Cheap Thrills, and No Spills Tour
[ 2017 Bike Tour ]
Old guy on a new blue bike: From Spokane, WA to Mercer, PA
[ Tom joins Jim for 3 days riding through Wisconsin (see days 29 - 31) ]
TMacD and Jim's Damn The Headwinds, Full Speed Ahead Tour
[ 2014 Bike Tour ]
TMacD and Jim's Opposites Attract Tour
[ 2013 Bike Tour ]
TMacD and Jim's Idiots Outside Biking Around Tour
[ 2012 Bike Tour ]
TMacD and Jim's 2011 Rockin' B-flat Rust Belt Tour
[ 2011 Bike Tour ]
TMacD and Jim's 2009 The Lucky 13 Lakes and Dragon Flies Tour
[ 2009 Bike Tour ]
TMacD and Jim's 2008 Ups and Downs Tour
[ 2008 Bike Tour ]
TMacD and Jim's 2007 Driftin' through the Driftless Area and Dairy Air
[ 2007 Bike Tour ]
TMacD and Jim's 2006 A Tale of Two Bike Tours
[ 2006 Bike Tour ]
TMacD and Jim's 2005 Mist the Tornado Tour
[ 2005 Bike Tour ]
TMacD and Jim's 2004 Mount Everest D.C. Tour
[ 2004 Bike Tour ]
TMacD and Jim's (and Bob's) 2003 Air Conditioned Ride Up North Bike Tour.
[ 2003 Bike Tour ]
TMacD and Jim's 2002 Tour de Big Smoke Stack bike ride.
[ 2002 Bike Tour ]
TMacD and Jim's 2001 bike ride down the Mississippi River.
[ 2001 Bike Tour ]
TMacD and Jim's 1999 bike ride across the hills of PA
[ 1999 Bike Ride ]
The saga of TMacD and Jim's 1998 bike ride from MPLS to the Porcupine Mts. in the U.P.
[ 1998 Bike Tour ]
The story of TMacD and Jim's 1997 bike ride from PA to Ro-cha-cha, NY.
[ 1997 Bike Tour ]

2018 Biking Statistics

Minneapolis got hit with a major snowstorm in the middle of April. This delayed the start of the biking season considerably. Since I am now retired, I think I can make up the 500 miles I normally would have completed by the end of April. Fortunately the last half of April provided nice biking weather. The summer so far has been hot but not too bad for biking.

Week Miles Total Avg.
+ week1, 21-Apr: 70 70 70 getting over a cold and starting out easy
+ week2, 28-Apr: 155 225 112 Ride to Rosemount - windy, windy, windy, 1st flat tire
+ week3, 5-May: 137 362 120 Ride to Spring Lake Park - Meet John who is riding to NY
+ week4, 12-May: 136 498 129 Ride to near Stillwater - nice day, 2nd flat tire
+ week5, 19-May: 156 654 130 Ride to Mendota Heights - nice but cool day
+ week6, 26-May: 156 799 133 Ride around Lake Minnetonka - hot and humid
+ week7, 2-Jun: 153 952 136 Up north at Lake Vermilion
+ week8, 9-Jun: 143 1095 136 Ride to Baker Park and ride the bike paths
+ week9, 16-Jun: 160 1255 139 Ride to Rosemount - hot and humid, also ride to Lake ELmo
+ week10, 23-Jun: 158 1413 141 Ride to Stillwater - nice day
+ week11, 30-Jun: 158 1560 141 Ride to Coon Rapids Dam - rainy day
+ week12, 7-Jul: 112 1672 139 Ride to Rosemount - beautiful day
+ week13, 14-Jul: 61 0 ? Ride to Houlton, WI - hot sunny day

Now for some previous raw biking statistics organized by year.

Biking Statistics By Year
2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
2011 2010 2009 2008 2007
2006 2005 2004 2003 2002
2001 2000 1999 1998 1997

Before you go, you should really look at the Chapel Logo for the Chapel Programming Language:

Here is the Chapel Logo